A Sister

Garrett has been requesting a baby sister for some time.

I promise I do not put him up to it.

At the dinner table the other night, he said, "I want a baby sister. [pause for response] I want a white baby sister."

Rick and I both looked at him as if he had antlers growing out of his head, because we would never even dream of requesting a white baby. If we adopt again, we'll keep the brown thing going.

"A white baby? Why?," I asked.

"Because brown girls only speak Chinese or Spanish," he explained.

I've laughed about his thought process for days now. I guess I should explain to him that brown girls can speak English, especially if they grow up in an English-speaking family.

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Carly A. K. said...

The thought processes of children... :) Miss Chatterbox over here is proof that brown girls can and do speak English--a lot of it!