Big Church

In July, our pastor encouraged parents to begin bringing their children into the worship service around the age of 5. Since our boys are 5 and 7, we heeded his advice. If we're going to teach our boys to obey, then we must also obey our elders.

We began teaching the boys note-taking skills from the get-go. In the beginning, they made tally marks next to words that we had them listen for. Then, we encouraged them to write down any words that they recognized. They have really come a long way in just a few months.

Liam's notes from last week:
He used the front and back of his paper. That's about 175 words, and he's only 7. Yes, I'm bragging.

What did Liam find important? Here are some highlights:
1. Jesus died for the good of those who believe Him.
2. It's the death of Jesus that satisfied the wrath ("raft") of Him.
3. God saves people.
4. Believers go to heaven. "Not believers" go to "hail".

Garrett's notes:
Garrett is still in the early stages of reading and writing, so I can't decipher a lot of his notes. But he listens very intently, and he wants to know more about the Word. He spells cross as "kros" and wrath as "raf".

Jack's notes:
According to Jack, cross is "cros", wrath is "rath", and death is "deth". Why are his notes so short? Well, I had to take away his pencil, after he tried to make his pencil and paper a helicopter. Why is the paper folded? That is because I had to take his gum away, after he blew a bubble during the sermon. Ahem.

I am so grateful to attend a God-fearing church, and I pray that my boys gain Biblical wisdom as they learn to sit in "big church".

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Bee Jay said...

Good for you Ami - it is so easy to leave the kids out of 'big church' and have them cared for by other members or departments. This way you're doing it as a family - Blessings!