My Girl

My girl, Edie, came to Texas for 6 days. Her parents were at an out-of-town wedding and asked my mom if she would keep the girl. I'm sure they had to twist my mom's arm. Mom certainly had to twist mine when she asked if I could keep her during the weekdays so that she could work.

"You want me to keep her all by myself? While my boys are at school? You mean I get her ALL to myself? Heck yea! Sign me up!"

My girl and I had a good time.

This girl is full of personality and oh so much fun! She's also very squeezable.
She loved my stairs.
She loved my grocery basket.
She loved Uncle Rick's piano.
She loved my dog. And I loved her pigtails.
She loved her aunt "Maymee", but this is as close as she would get to her namesake, my Memaw.
She loved Uncle Rick.
She loved the boys' bike helmet.
Her dada came to get her, and I didn't let her go without a fight.
Edie, let's do it again, girl!


Daddy said...

I definitely miss her!

Didi said...

I think she could commute during the week, don't yall?