Brotherly Advice

Rick leaves the boys notes at the breakfast table from time to time. It's usually fatherly advice such as, "Obey your Mommy." Or, "Don't pick your nose."

Liam wrote notes for his little brothers this weekend.
"Good morning Garrett. Have a good time on Monday. I love you very much. Be good and do not do bad things. Love, Liam" (Capitalization and punctuation added by me. Liam doesn't have time for such details.)
"Good morning Jackson. Be good on Monday. Be nice and do not get your folder sinde. Love from Liam"

Sage advice from a (mostly) sweet older brother.

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Didi said...

Liam is truly becoming a "Big Brother". Man, I love that boy! I pray he never stops saying "I love you, Didi" at the drop of a hat!