CO Day 2: No Need to Send Me Home

After our near-death experience, Rick knew better than to ask us to hike on day two. Instead, we drove to Crested Butte. As soon as I got out of the car, I knew it would be a good day and there was no need to ever go home.
If you've never spent a summer day at a ski resort, you are missing out. Most ski resorts are open for hiking, biking, eating, and hosting kids' activities.

My leg was actually hurting quite a bit from falling the day before, so Rick assured me this was a day to relax in the mountains. I wore flip flops to hold him to it.

I do love my mountain man. (As a side note, today is our eleventh anniversary. Happy anniversary, Rick!)

And we love our little mountain men.
We rode the chair lift and enjoyed the views from the top.
Then, we rode back down so that the boys could try the different activities.

There was bungee jumping. Liam perfected the back flip.
Jack really, really tried.
Garrett didn't try, but he was content to simply jump.
They also tried the climbing wall. Little man made it about halfway up before he slipped and came flying back down. He might have been a little exasperated.
Liam was just inches away from the top, when he looked down and said, "I can't do it!" I tried to get him to give it one more reach, but he was sure he couldn't make it.
Garrett was certain he could make it, but he only made it a couple steps.
Maybe next year.

After lunch, the boys played mini golf, which was the best activity of the day. Rick and I sat in adirondack chairs and watched them play from a distance. They were happy with their game. We were happy with our rest in the sun.
Home? Who needs it?


Didi said...

Jackson should be a comedian. His picture cracked me up! Great stories...

Bee Jay said...

A perfect day Ami! Blessings!