An Interruption

I must interrupt this play-by-play of our family vacation to show photos of what a monumental day yesterday was.

My big baby, Liam, age 7, got braces.

(The photo is blurry, because my cell phone camera is rather unpredictable. Yes, Jennifer, I forgot my real camera. Gasp!)

Let me just say that the white contraption pictured above was used to keep his lips away from his teeth. Whatever it's called, I would pay gold to bring it home with us. Because he was in that thing for at least 30 minutes and couldn't speak, he fell asleep! I love that child dearly, but the silence was golden.

The newness hasn't worn off, so he's still excited about them. Thankfully, he's not too sore, but that will be remedied next week, when he goes back for more torture in the form of having an expander put in. Ouch!

I can't believe he's growing up so quickly! Where did my little peanut go? Before I know it, he'll be a teenager!

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