Our Dirtbag

Liam's team, the Dirtbags, also ended their season last week. I'm sure you're tired of hearing about baseball by now, but it's pretty much all we've had time for as of late.

The Dirtbags ended the season with a championship game. My #14...

He proved himself to his team again and again with his stellar abilities. I know I'm his mama, and mamas tend to brag for no reason. But when I tell you my boy is a super star, I'm not just being a mama. Again and again, we have coaches, players, and parents tell us how impressed they are with his skills. And we smile proudly.

And pray for scholarships.

And pray that he continues to dodge poor pitches.
He may need a new booty by the time his baseball career ends, because he slides at least once every game. Do they do booty replacements?
I love the above photo for another reason. The man yelling in the background is my boy's Daddy. Rick helped with the team all season, and he was able to stand near first base and coach the kids at every game. Rick and Liam both loved it.

Not only can Liam hit, run, slide, and dodge balls, but he can reeeach.
Ohh, how I love that boy.
What I don't have a picture of is how he is always looking in the bleachers for his entourage of fans. Every time he's up to bat or returning to his defensive position, he scans the bleachers for us and waves once we make eye contact. I've decided I really love the age of seven. He's able to compete and do such grown up things, but he's still innocent and loving.

His team lost the championship by one painful point, but the Dirtbags were still happy to receive second place trophies.
Even Daddy was rewarded.
We're hoping to keep the team together next year. It should be fun to see them play with another year of strength and coordination under their belts.

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