The All Star

Look! Another post about baseball! I know, I know! But I'm a proud mama, remember?

Liam was invited to try out for the summer traveling All Star team, and he made it.
I can't believe we just signed ourselves up to play ball during the summer! Did I ever mention that we live in Texas?! Where it's already in the triple digits, and it's only June! Ohh, the things we do for our boys!

Our first tournament was this past weekend. Unfortunately, we didn't do very well. Our team is young and unexperienced compared to our opponents, and it showed.

Our team needs more time to get to know one another. Even the coach doesn't know his players well enough yet to know where they play best. He put Liam in the outfield for way too many innings during the first game. My baby needs to be at first, second, pitcher or shortstop, where all the action is.

Because nobody puts Baby in a corner. (Name that movie!)

Coach did eventually move him to second, and Liam was able to prove himself.

He also played pitcher, where he continued to shine and even made a double play at one point.

Of course, he had to slide home a time or two.
What a boy!


Rick said...

The Aggies needed him yesterday. Go, Peanut!

Jen Mall said...

Very fun! You are going to be hot and busy!!!

Oh and the movie...Dirty Dancing!!! LOVE that movie and that quote!