Jack and Garrett's baseball season ended over Memorial weekend. The Tigers were an average team, and I can't say I cried a tear over telling their team goodbye. I suppose that sounds bad, but my little boys were given so so coaches, and we're just ready to move on.

But my boys sure are cute in uniform.

Garrett was chosen as one of the four Tigers to go onto the All Star tournament.
Look at his hands on his pants. Poor baby! He was so nervous to play on a team where he only knew 3 other kids. The All Stars were put on a team with coaches they've never played with, and my boy is still suffering from the shyness. He didn't play too swell, but he had a good time. By the end of the tournament, he was finally beginning to hit the ball like himself.
They won the championship game for their age, and they received trophies in addition to the medals around their necks. But did I get a picture of the trophy? Of course not! I guess I better go wash that uniform and stage a photo of Garrett with his first ever trophy.

And a word on Jackson... When I told him that G was chosen for the All Stars but that he wasn't, he handled the news quite well. He was happy for his brother, and he understood why he wasn't chosen. As he put it, "I don't focus very well on the game." Perhaps another year of maturity will help him to focus on where the ball is.

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Bee Jay said...

Ami, what great pics - and great memories too!