Bike Racers

I need to play catch-up on the blawg. In my absence, we have been busy with end-of-school this and end-of-school that and a baseball game or twenty. Throw in a few hundred meals, a few thousand loads of laundry, and you've got life with three boys, and we're living it to the fullest.

Over Memorial day weekend, we stayed in town due to, what else?, BASEBALL! (I like to complain, but really, I LOVE the fact that my boys love the game.)

Between games, we were able to join our friends for a bike race in Fort Worth. It was some sort of professional road race.... I was going to try to bluff my way through a legitimate description of the race, but let's just say that lots and lots of men and women road their bikes really fast for 90 minutes in the Texas heat, and I just think that's plain crazy.

While the race was going on, the parents visited, and the boys ran around like their typical wild selves. We did stop them for a group photo. Introducing the 6 CupRunnethOver and the CupRunnethOverFriends...
Left to right: Cab (7), Liam (7), Jack (5), Caden (almost 6), Solomon (10 weeks), Garrett (5)
(Garrett, I'm sorry your Daddy cut your left arm off in this picture.)

Between adult competitions, the boys participated in a kids' race. Here are our little racers in front of the beautiful Fort Worth skyline. Beautiful might be a stretch of the imagination.
Jackson came in 6th for his age group.
Liam and Cab raced together, and I have no idea how they did. Let's just say that Liam won't be giving up baseball for bike riding.
The finishers....
If you're looking for Garrett in the race pictures, you can stop squinting. He didn't race, because he is refusing to ride his bike these days. He and I are at a standstill regarding his bicycle. A standstill is what you get when you join a strong-willed child and a strong-willed parent. Ahem.

Garrett's training wheels broke two months ago, and I told him we wouldn't buy him any new ones, since it's high time he learn to ride his bike like a big boy. He's athletic and strong enough to learn, but he's also strong-willed enough to need to decide he's ready for it on his own timetable. He's now saying that he never needs to learn to ride a bike, because he'll just get a scooter and never need another bike. But I refuse to buy him a scooter, so what we have here is a standstill.

Anyway, what I think we also have here is another Memorial day races with our friends.

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