A Little Update

In case you have been wondering, ManEater is dead. Apparently, Tomato Horn Worms don't thrive without being allowed to ingest the entire tomato crop.

Liam was slightly upset by ManEater's death but not enough to need a funeral. Thank goodness! If we had to have a funeral for a worm, then we might also need some in-house counseling.

Besides that, Liam has moved on to collecting moths. We have two white ones residing in ManEater's home on my kitchen counter.

During the past month, I have had these creatures living on my kitchen counter: 1 tomato horn worm, 2 moths, 9 ladybugs, and countless rolly pollies.

When I think about these creatures living in my home, I have to laugh, because I'm not really a bug-loving kinda girl. I'm not really a girly girl, but I prefer bugs to respect my personal space.

But the Lord knew that I needed to be stretched, so he gave me a boy. And then He thought my world needed some more rocking, so he gave me two more boys.

I'm grateful for my boys.

But I'm also grateful they don't find snakes or mice to bring home.

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