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My last post's title is a key phrase from my former favorite TV show. I have watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 faithfully since its debut. For me, watching the show was fun because the craziness of their home made my house seem utterly peaceful. Their 8 kids running around made my 3 boys seem calm.

However, last season was certainly not as enjoyable, as I grew weary of all the freebies they received. I got tired of watching them go from one fun place to another. Do they ever stay home and just be?

Plus, was it just me or was Kate growing less patient with her family by the minute? Well, it's obviously not just me.

Unless you're living under a rock, you're aware that both Jon and Kate have been recently accused of extra marital affairs, and she has filed for divorce this week. Yes, I admit that I watched Monday's episode along with a few other Americans. But I am now done!

Watching the show has not set well with my spirit over the past several months. I couldn't quite put my finger on why I felt so uncomfortable watching it. Besides the fact that I hate watching a woman belittle her husband and children. That's bad enough.

But then I ran across this post written by Walt Mueller, a blogger who is a former neighbor of the Gosselins. And he has opened my eyes to help me further understand why I have to stop watching this family self-destruct. If you're a Jon & Kate follower, do yourself a favor and read that post.

This especially struck a chord with me:

Think too about the fact that when the cameras are on, we usually put on our best smiles and best behavior. . . and then think - long and hard - about what that best behavior has been on this particular show. Then, imagine what life is like and how people act when the cameras aren't rolling. After taking that all into consideration, we shouldn't be surprised by the train wreck that's taken the world by storm.

(I cannot get the italics to stop! The rest of this post is written by me.)

If Jon and especially Kate are putting on their best behavior for the cameras, then I shutter at the thought of what goes on when the cameras are packed away. My heart has always hurt for children who live in less-than-ideal circumstances. Obviously, the Gosselin twins and sextuplets are living in less-than-ideal circumstances, and I must do something. As Mueller wisely suggests, I'm going to stop watching and get busy praying for this family of my former favorite "reality" show.

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Bee Jay said...

I haven't heard of this TV show but it seems this couple have 8 kids. My niece and her husband also have 8 kids (no multiples) and are a wonderful Christian example. At present they are travelling in 2 motor homes with Granpa as well through Europe and have been on the road (minus motor homes) for over 8 months. If you want to read something of their travels have a look at this link
It would be a treat after your description of that TV show.