Bedtime Silliness

Jack and Garrett have always shared a room. It just makes sense, being that they are only 26 days apart. There are times that I would like them to have their own rooms. Those times are few and far between, but they're usually when the littles are still chattering away after being in bed an hour.

There are also times when I am glad they share a bedroom and even wish Liam could join them. That typically occurs when I hear them giggling their little selves to sleep.

One night last week, they were laughing, and I just wanted to hear them up close. You know, it was one of those times that I wanted to be a fly on the wall in order to witness their silliness without their knowing I was there.

I made my way upstairs and stood outside their door. I was only there 0.5 seconds when I heard what was so funny. Garrett said, "Hey, Jack, I pooted!" And they both laughed hysterically.

I suppose bodily functions are that much funnier at bedtime. And I'm glad I wasn't a fly on the wall after all. A fly's breathing could not survive that passing.

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