It's an Easter Story

How was your long weekend? If you didn't have a long weekend, how was your weekend? I am so glad that Rick's company allows him Good Friday.

Typically, three-day weekends will find us on the road, but there isn't something right about leaving town on Easter weekend with the love we have for our home church. Instead, we took the long weekend to stay home and relax. We've been going and coming so much lately that I might oughtta check my battery to make sure it's the Energizer brand.

When we got up Friday morning, it was a bit chillier than we had expected, so we had to hang out inside for a bit. Garrett asked Daddy to play some music with him.
They played the Beatles, of course, along with some Beach Boys.

And before long, the other two boys grabbed some spoons and added some glorious-sounding drums.
After two minutes, Jack lost interest and the other two began dancing in the window seat. That would be the window seat in our kitchen eating area. The same window seat that my mom is trying to talk me into adding curtains and a cushion. I know I need curtains, but Mom, see why we can't add a cushion:
That might hinder the boys' stage act. And it is an act up there.

When Garrett finished his Paul McCartney rendition, he bowed and said, "Thank you" just like the Beatles say at the end of "Obladi Oblada".
Let's not leave my fourth child out of this:
Between pictures, I had to wrestle that Kong out of his mouth. His love language is quality time.

Once it warmed up outside, I sent the boys to the backyard to play ball. I was able to clean my house in its entirety while those stinky boys ran around outside.

Rick knows to keep everyone out of my way when I'm in cleaning mode. "Boys, look out! She's got that look in her eye. Get back!"

Here's a pretty typical glimpse into my backyard these days:
We're going to have our own league some day.

Later in the day, I had this hair-brained idea. Because I knew Easter Sunday was going to be rainy, I thought it would be a great idea to get the family dressed in their Easter clothes and take pictures before the humidity hit my hair and my mood. Rick was reluctant, but he agreed, knowing that our Sundays are just too crazy to add a photo session into the mix. Plus, he won't miss an opportunity to play with our new camera.

He probably had second thoughts, when he heard me disciplining some unnamed, unclothed children for "messin' around for the thirteenth time in the last 5 minutes!" Ahem.

I tried to keep my cool, but I can only take so much burpin', fartin', and general cuttin' up when it's time to "git busy and git dressed", dadgumit! (I don't say dadgumit in front of my boys, by the way. But I love to think it.)

After I got my little men dressed, I set off to dress myself while Rick got the tripod set up. There was a little more messin' around, but it didn't involve grotesque bodily functions, so I let them good enough alone.
They did eventually settle down for some good shots.
Aren't they cute?! It's a mighty fine event for them to wear ties, but let me tell you what's more impressive than ironed shirts, slacks, and ties...shirts being tucked in! We don't take time for shirt tucking around these parts.

, those boys hardly have time for snapping and zipping pants, so tucking in shirts is like pulling teeth! But they do clean up real nice, yes'm.

(Could anyone tell me why Jack's tie is so much shorter than anyone else's?! Of course, I didn't notice that in the store when I tried it on him not once but twice!)

The Daddy cleans up real nice, too. Shooey!
The Mommy and the men:
The family:
I suppose I should take the time to crop the fireplace's gas keyhole thing out of that picture. Nah. Just pretend it's not there.

I'd say that's a pretty good photo shoot, especially considering we came from, how shall I say this delicately?, a gaseous dressing area.

The rest of the weekend was spent with some extended family. Rick took some pictures of our nephews that I might share later, but right now, I need to get moving around here. I've got a snoring child on one shoulder and a begging dog on the other.

What should I do first? Wake the snorer or play with the beggar?

By the way, I had hoped to make this post a little more spiritual, being that we just celebrated Jesus' resurrection and all. But how do I fit that in with flatulents? A better blogger could pull that off, but me...? Not so much. So, happy belated Easter, y'all. Because, you know what? Jesus lives!

P.S. While I was spellchecking this post, the snorer just burped. In his sleep. On my shoulder. Not once. Not twice. But THREE times! I kid you not. I'm definitely waking him up NOW! Only the Lord knows what else he could do while napping on my shoulder!

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