We told Jack and Garrett they could move to booster seats when they turned 4. Let me tell you, they think they have arrived. They think they're somethin'. But it is nice to be done with 5-point harnesses!

Updated to add: Clearly, the above photo was not taken today. If my boys were wearing long sleeves and pants on this day, you would need to call CPS on me. It is 88 degrees today in this lovely place I have to call home.

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common mom said...

I was soooooo excited to get into booster seats! Now Dude is pestering me to get out of his totally because lots of his friends don't use them . . . the fact that he is the smallest in his class by a longshot seems to have escaped him. Princess on the other hand is just begging and begging to get rid of the back of her booster seat. Again, she's 6 and shorter than most of the 4 and 5 year olds in her class!

Poor kids . . . not gonna happen any time soon.