14 Years and Counting

I begin each boys' birthday with, "Happy birthday, four year old!" (I do manage to change the age appropriately, so when Liam turns 6 in April, I won't call him a four year old. He might be insulted.)

Garrett's birthday yesterday was no different. I opened his bedroom door and greeted him with our usual birthday fashion, to which he jumped out of bed with a squeal of delight. "I'm FOUR! YIPPEE!" As if he had finally arrived.

He asked for brownies for breakfast, but I reminded him that brownies were for dessert, so he was satisfied with waffles covered in peanut butter and syrup. (Don't knock it 'til you've tried it. It's good!)
When it came time to get ready for the day, Garrett wanted to wear an Aggie jersey. Naturally. There are no other preferences for him. But his two jerseys were dirty, so he chose a sweatshirt that he's clearly outgrown the sleeves.
But I wasn't sure that he could face another shirt crisis for the day, so I let it go.

I always hated having to go to school on my birthday, didn't you? Since I'm the principal, teacher, coach, nurse, counselor, cafeteria lady, I can call it a school holiday any time I feel like it.

But Garrett's birthday wasn't cause enough for a holiday. (Enter the laugh of a wicked witch.) I decided to torture the little birthday darling with a grueling school session.

Actually, it was a light lesson, and then we went to eat lunch with Daddy. I had hoped to also hit the park, but a flat tire took us to the tire store. Good times.

The day ended with pizza and brownies for the grandparents. It's a non-party year, so it was low-key.

And I couldn't get the toot to smile at the camera before blowing out his candle.
How do you like that styrofoam plate? We're classy like that.

Rick's mom gave Garrett an Aggie blanket. (Notice Jack's face peeking around the edge.)
My parents gave him four walkie talkies to share with his brothers. It is hilarious to watch the boys scream at the devices without pushing the talk button.
We gave him a baseball pitching net thingy. How do you like that well-informed, official title? Well, let the picture explain it.
He throws a ball at the target and it bounces back, so he's practicing his pitching and fielding. He better get a lot of practice in, because we have high hopes of an Aggie scholarship in 14 years.

Fourteen years?!?! Only 14? That means he's four. He's growing up in spite of me, darn it.

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starbucksgirl said...

"We're classy like that." LOL.

I'm certain that we would have been fast friends had we lived next to each other in TX.

Kelly (in Nashville)