Proper Attire Required

As a sidenote, yesterday's photo was taken in Las Colinas, near Dallas.

But that photo was definitely not taken yesterday, as it was only in the 40s for a high on Wednesday. To all of you northerners, I realize that a high in the 40s is rather balmy, but for Texas, it is quite chilly.

Because it was cold and there was nothing on the calendar, we decided to make it a PJ Day! (Now, go back and read that sentence with a "Woohoo!" inserted with "PJ Day!")

We heart PJ Days and have one every week. In fact, what I love most about my job title as homeschooling mom is that one PJ Day per week is an absolute requirement.

It is written in fine print as item number 847 in my job description. Are you impressed that I read the fine print? Oh, yes ma'am, I do, especially if it's telling me to put physical comfort as a priority.

I do have a photo of the boys in their pj's at the beginning of our school day:
Now, don't they look comfy?

You might be wondering if we have school on the floor, leaning against the wall for the duration of every school day. Of course we do. Don't you?

Are you kidding me? These boys will not sit by a wall for more than two minutes! Instead, we begin by the calendar and then move to the table. Truth be told, we move around a lot in our school.

Are you also wondering if I will show a photo of myself on PJ Day? Um, no, thank you. And to tell you the truth, I do not wear my pj's on PJ Day. I just cannot stay in them all day. I feel like a slug if I do, so I trade my pj's for yoga pants and a long sleeve T. (No, I do not do yoga, but I do love me some yoga pants. Nothing says comfort like they do.)

My boys typically love PJ Day, but they were disappointed that we had to stay home today, so I quickly added hot chocolate to our to-do list this morning. And all was well.

This post has quickly turned into rambling. I am sorry.

Item number 49 on my job description also says to keep everything short and sweet, so without further ado, have a good day, y'all!

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common mom said...

Nothin' better than PJs and hot chocolate on a chilly day - even if it's a school day :-)

That's why I work at home one day a week - it's my PJ day :-) And if Hubby is not home that day, I certainly do stay in them all. day. long!