Hooked on Hockey

Rick recently received four tickets to the Dallas Stars hockey game. Because Liam gets bored with watching sports, he volunteered to stay with my mom while the rest of us went to the game.

Garrett was super excited before the game.
And JMan, too.
I think what they were most excited about in the beginning was wearing their mittens.
But after they saw one decent brawl, they were hooked on hockey. Jack spent most of the game here:
We had excellent seats on the fourth row, but being the people watcher that he is, Jack was happiest standing next to the visiting team.

He and the players chatted it up down there. I imagine they talked about the Dow Jones. Or getting good punches. I'm not exactly sure, because I sat in my seat with Garrett, who was freaked out the first time the players ran into the glass in front of him.

As the game was ending with the Stars on top, the Columbus Blue Jackets' trainer handed Jack a broken stick. How cool is that?!

In this shot, he's saying, "No, Dad, this is MY stick. Keep your paws off!"
As soon as Garrett woke up the next morning, he wanted me to take his picture with the stick.
They've since taken turns carrying it around the neighborhood and showing it off. All the boys, old and young alike, drooled over it a bit. I plan to hang in on our gameroom wall, drool and all.

And Liam now plans to attend the next game, because he thinks that he'll be handed a stick, too. Before we attend another hockey game, we'll have to gently explain to the boys that fans don't typically receive a gift with every game.

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