We Heart Ducklings

Last week was a low-key week in order to allow Jack time to rest and recover. It was nice to be home more than usual. But there was one morning in particular in which this house, THIS HOUSE, was closing in on us, and we had to GET OUT!

Because I'm an educated woman, I picked up on those subtle clues and made the executive decision that we better get ourselves away from these four walls before somebody went a little loony.

We headed to the duck pond to see if there were any spring ducklings yet. Unfortunately, there were not. But the mamas were busy squatting over their eggs.

I'm not versed in Duckology 101, but I'm guessing this abandoned egg doesn't have any hope.Because the mamas were working hard on warming their younguns, the daddies waddled over to take a snack from the boys.

I'd like to say the daddy ducks were worried about their babies and wanted to rush back to their wives' sides. But they might have been blinded by all the bright yellow, because they only took a few bites before returning to the water.

(I am often asked if I dress the boys alike daily. No, I do not. I love to dress them alike, and I do it as often as I can. I'm sure there will be a day when they say, "Mom, we are NOT wearing the same shirt anymore!" But I hope that day doesn't come before they have hair on their chests.)

This particular duck came back for seconds, and Jack felt a kinship to him and called him "my duck".
Garrett didn't hold out hope for anymore feeding, so he warmed up his pitching arm with the bread.
Liam was a little offended that the ducks weren't interested in his bread.
I was able to gather the boys for some group photos. They were in no mood for "pretty smiles". I relented and asked for silly faces.
And there's no quicker way of getting my boys to the car than to say "RUN!"
But Jack wasn't in the mood, and this hand-on-the-back pose is the posture I get when he is in no mood for me.

We'll go back next week and check for our ducklings. By then, we may have them named. I'll let you know.

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