V is for Volcano, Vocation & Voila

We're studying the letter V this week. Because this is a house full of boys, I thought making a volcano would be a fun way of exploring some hands-on science.

If I were really adventuresome, I would have allowed the boys to make the volcano themselves. But I'm not. I told Rick of my plans last night, and he proceeded to make the mountain of clay. I really wasn't asking for him to do it, but here goes another attempt: Hey, Rick, I need to clean house tonight.

Jack, Liam, Garrett

That's your first look at Garrett in glasses. That's right...3 boys in glasses now. Incidentally, I have no idea what face Garrett is making. I've never seen that look before.

A closer look at Rick's creation. I'm glad he didn't choose art as his vocation. Not that I can do any better.

Pour a spoonful of baking soda and 1/4 cup of red-dyed vinegar down the spout and voila!

Happy boys!

I did not tell them to put their arms around each other. They can be loving from time to time.

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common mom said...

Anything that blows up or bubbles will fascinate boys - and they never grow out of it :-)

Great photos - great learning experience . . . and I LOVE them all in glasses! Such handsome boys you have :-)