This is my 300th post!  When I began blogging, I wasn't sure if I would like it.  Now, I am totally hooked!  To imagine life without blogging....  Well, let's just not go there.

There's nothing like writing awe-inspiring posts to wear one out.  Okay, so I've written 300 mediocre posts, but I'm still worn out and need a vacation.  I'll be here tomorrow.  
With my husband.  Without our kids.  Try not to be jealous!

If you care to name where this is, leave a comment.  

I'll be back with post 301 next week.


Maw said...

Looks like Colorado to me :) Have a wonderful time guys.

Christie@tisbutaseason said...

Have fun! Yes. I am jealous :)

I'll say Lake Tahoe...ok...only because as I rolled my mouse over the pic, the computer told me. :)

common mom said...

You're coming to visit your favorite location on Earth - the lovely state I live in.

Have a great time with hubby!