Status Report

Camping: We had a great time over Labor Day weekend. We relaxed, ate junk food, rode bikes, fished, ate more junk food, napped,.... You get the idea. No one got sick! It did rain, but not enough to send us packing.

Aggie game: We have won our first two games. Whoop! The Aggies are giving us heart palpitations, however, with some of their antics.

Cleaning: My house is clean from top to bottom. [Do you hear the Hallelujah Chorus playing?] If only we could move out for one month, in order to keep it spotless!

Inquiry: As I was sweating buckets and working my bum off this past week to accomplish detailed housecleaning, I kept thinking of all of you, my dear readers. I kept wondering how you keep your houses clean? I'm assuming that your homes are spotless and beautiful 24/7. No, actually, I won't hold you to that kind of perfection. But I am curious as to what sort of system you use for deep cleaning? I have a working system in place for the daily and general household upkeep. It's keeping the blinds, windows, ceiling fans, and baseboards clean that I'm inquiring about. Do you have a working system in place for the deep cleaning in your home? If so, I would love to hear about it in my comments section!


Margaret said...

delurking - again here.

Ceiling fans - easy. Once a week, I take a pair of socks and run them over the blades to de-dust them. Then throw them in with my saturday morning laundry. Yes, I do laundry more than that...but its a saturday ritual.

Sometimes I do it with the blinds too....but I often forget.

Baseboards - hahahahah. That's funny. Same with the windows... :)

Anonymous said...

I attempt to help my wife with housework. Alas, I'm rebuffed and sent away. My skills are not as perfected as hers. :)

Jodie said...

Baseboards? You actually clean those? Windows? Are you supposed to actually be able to see out of them? ;-)

We vacuum every other day - the kids do their own rooms and the living room and hallway - I do the stairs and basement. The kids also dust their rooms, the living room, and their toys every Saturday. They love to clean the windows - at least the insides.

Doing that helps keep the stuff a "little" clean . . . every month or so we find a Saturday morning and have at it . . . the kids do the baseboards because they're shorter - they actually do a good job. Ceiling fans - HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! If I can't see it on a daily basis, I don't clean it :-)

My hubby is a great help - he usually does the windows and the deep cleaning of the kitchen floor while I do the stuff men don't see - hand prints on door jams, etc. :-)

So there you have it - no system whatsoever . . . we just get in a mood some weekend morning and have at it. Although I will admit that during the summer, my house is much dirtier than in the winter . . . we just love to play outside too much and won't waste time cleaning on a beautiful weekend day :-)