Friday Funny

During the 4:00 local news, a commercial advertising some sort of 3-D sonogram came on the television. As Liam saw the baby on ultrasound, he became inquisitive.

L: What is that?

M: It's a picture of a baby growing in its mommy's belly. Do you remember that babies grow in the mommy's belly?

L: Uh-huh.

M: Did you grow in my belly?

L: No.

M: You grew in your birth mom's belly for 9 months. When you were born, she chose us to be your mommy and daddy, because she knew she needed help raising you. She chose us, and we'll be your parents forever.

By this time, he had crawled up in my lap for a hug, and I was teary-eyed over the tender moment. Silence filled the room, as I choked up over the amazing love I have for this boy. Only it was interrupted by Liam's next request.

L: Can I have a snack now?

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Anonymous said...

Ya, I try to have philosophical moments with Delaney and they blow over as well. :)