A Random Post

Besides last Friday's funny, I haven't posted anything worthwhile in weeks, possibly months. (I'm not exactly certain that Friday's funny was "worthwhile", but anything worth a laugh in my house is worth sharing, in my humble opinion.) So, here I sit, with my up-and-running laptop, and I'm not certain where I should begin with today's post. I have many thoughts running around in my head, so let's just see where this takes me.

Maybe I should begin with listing all the things that I accomplished last week while the computer and the husband were away. I cleaned and organized all closets, dusted all ceiling fans, blinds & baseboards, polished kitchen cabinets, touched-up paint throughout the house, picked weeds, and sorted the boys' toys. I feel so much better! When I told Rick about all that I had accomplished in his absence, he asked if he should go away more often. Absolutely not! I'm worn out! But I might need the computer to be taken away from me every few months in order to accomplish household duties. Eek, did I really just say that?!

And since my computer was gone for a total of 19 days, may I suggest where you should NOT take your computer for repairs? Ahem!

I would like to share some recent photos of the boys, but that would require getting up to retrieve the camera. Maybe tomorrow.

Please excuse me while I interrupt this boring post with a celebration! Gig 'em, Aggies! We're gonna' tear it up this Thursday in the Sweet Sixteen! Whoop!

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