Mondays are usually our days to stay home. We stay busy on the weekends, so I use Mondays to get the boys back into our routine, and I typically try to clean the house. Well, I haven't gotten much cleaning done today, but I must not be too concerned, being that I'm sitting here with you.

But I am proud of two accomplishments today. First, the boys and I exercised first thing this morning. Recently, I posted about dropping my gym membership, and since doing that, I have really struggled with getting into a new workout routine. I decided that this week, yes, this week, was the week to address that issue. Immediately after breakfast, we hit the outdoors to get our hearts pumping. Liam rode his bike, Jack and Garrett rode in the jogging stroller, and I attempted to run, only my "run" is more like a walk because my body is not what it used to be. Anywho, let's not go into any great detail about that.

Let me share some photos of our ride/run:

Take a good look at Liam's socks. He loves those socks, and I, uh, don't. They came in one of those cheap packets that comes with, you know, 100 pair of multiple colors, when all you really need is a couple pair of blue and black. When I bought them, I didn't read the fine print on the package that said, "WARNING! These socks come up to your child's navel!" Which is exactly why I don't like them. But he loves them. When I was getting everyone ready for our ride/run, I told Liam to go get some socks out of his dresser. In my head, I said, "It's okay if he comes downstairs with those ugly socks. It's really okay. We're only exercising, so we don't have to look fashionable." Sure enough, he came down with those army green, up-to-the-navel socks!

And here are Jack and Garrett being silly for the camera. They love to ride in the jogging stroller, whether I be running, walking, or pulling them behind my bike. Notice that all three boys are still in pj's. No, we don't stay in our pj's all day, but I didn't feel the need to get them dressed before our workout.

But don't you worry. I did dress myself, since exercising in my pj's in public might not be a good idea. But I will not be showing a photo of myself in workout gear, no, I will not.

Okay, so back to my accomplishments for the day. I told you there were two. My second accomplishment is enjoying my boys. We have laughed and been silly together for a good part of the day. If I had cleaned house, then I would have missed out on the opportunities to dance, sing, play instruments, read books, and make silly faces with my boys.

We did, however, have to break our stay-at-home-all-day-on-Mondays rule. We had to run to the cleaners, since daddy might want some clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow, and we had to go to the store to buy milk, since these growing boys are working on building strong bones. And this is what Liam wore to run those two errands:

He picked this outfit in its entirety. The shorts and shirt are fine for hangin' around the house. These are his soccer socks. You know, the ones that you fold over their shin guards? Yep, he loves them, because they come up to his arm pits! But I am so proud of myself for allowing him to wear them in public! Will he be able to wear them to church or to our next play date? Um, no, probably not.

And now for some cleaning.... See ya tomorrow.


Margaret said...

I love it. Except for the socks remind me of the ones my ex (note that is the key word) husband used to wear. Except his were white with the colored stripes. Yep, right out of 1982.

Fabulous pictures - and good for you for letting him be him. Silly socks and all.

Jodie said...

I love it! And good for you to let him wear them in public. I have a hard time with that! I think everything Jason owns matches everything else, but little girls are a different story. Keira can match pretty well, but some days, I have all I can do not to turn her around and ask her to try again :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the kid outfits! I always let Delaney dress herself in whatever she wants (which is usually her RAHZ-berry dress) because I think it is great, she is a kid!

Mike, however, refuses to let her go in public wearing striped shorts and a polka-dotted shirt. I think it stems from a childhood trauma of being teased for having bad clothes or something.... I haven't quite figured it out. We need a hypnotist here I think.

Anyway, I say good on ya!