A New Phase in Parenting

Rick and I are officially entering a new phase in our parenting tonight. The phase where we shuttle our children around town for ball practice. Liam will be wearing up-to-his-arm-pit socks and shin pads tonight, as he attends his first-ever soccer practice.

I think Rick and I are more excited than he is. This could be a problem. When we talk about playing on a soccer team, Liam says, "I wanna play baseball." But his birthday falls too late for him to join the T-ball leagues.

Maybe when I remind him that he gets to wear those socks, in public, he'll get excited.

I'll need to be reminded of my own excitement in a few years, when it's truly hectic getting three little boys to their own sporting events. But, for now, we'll all shuffle to Liam's events and hope that this wasn't wasted money.

I hope he's not one of those boys that squats down to play in the dirt, all the while his teammates are playing a soccer game. I would be mortified. I know, I know, he's only 3 1/2, and if he decides to waste our money by playing dirt instead of soccer, then it's no big deal, because he's still a little boy. But I may need counseling for my competitive spirit, if my son, my son, can't seem to find the soccer ball.

I'll let you know how it goes. Wish us luck!


Jodie said...

Watching the little dudes play soccer is SO much fun! They run around in a little pack chasing the ball and kicking each other in the shins. A few will sit and pull weeds, occasionally trip on a shoe lace, and tackle each other without meaning to. We'll be shuttling two this fall when Keira starts soccer . . . that should be interesting when Dan is on the road! Good luck - you'll have a blast - just remember the camera and the snacks :-)

Margaret said...

Make sure you bring good snacks on your turn to bring snacks. They want you to bring oranges and stuff. But don't give in - bring good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ya, we just started this too. Delaney just started Gymnastics classes. We call it her jumping class because that is all she really seems to do. The money factor is hard because she loves it so much, even though she isn't actually learning much Gymnastics (at least nothing that I couldn't teach her myself).

But, what can ya do? I remember my parents letting me try nearly every sport imaginable except underwater basket-weaving so that I could find what I loved. When it wasn't fun anymore, they pulled me out. Eventually, I found one that stayed fun and I stuck with dance clear up until college.

Good luck! I'm sure he'll be the next Beckham.