Works for Me Wednesday: Quiet Time

I hear so many moms comment on how they struggle to find time to read the Bible and pray on a regular basis. I, too, struggled with this, until I implemented blanket time. While the boys play independently on their blankets, I sit in the same room with my Bible and prayer journal.

This works for me for several reasons:

  • This gives me a guaranteed 45-minute time slot every day, in which I'm spending time with God.
  • I am showing my boys the importance of reading the Bible.
  • By journaling my prayer requests, I am showing my boys how to take concerns before the Lord.
  • Because blanket time is usually in the morning, we are beginning our day on the right foot.
  • Because I also play worship CDs during this time, my boys see/hear me praise God.
  • Once I finish reading and praying, then I use the last few minutes to read non-fiction. It is important that our children see us enjoy books. (I'm currently working on Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas, which I recommend to every parent!)

I hope you found this helpful. Shannon has many more ideas, so please visit Rocks In My Dryer.


Jane said...

I love reading your blog, you have such great ideas!

Sarah said...

What a wonderful idea!