Lord, Have Mercy

Our computer is on the fritz, so we took it to the repair shop today. It could be 1 1/2 to 2 WEEKS before it comes home. Lord, have mercy on my soul! In my life, I must have 2 things every. single. day. My computer and my Diet Coke. Without them, I become very cranky. Thankfully, hubby has his business computer at home this weekend, and he has promised that he will bring it home every night for my personal use. When he gave me that promise, I thought, "Now, that's a good man." But now that I give it more thought, he's doing it for his own good, as well as my own, because he knows how cranky I could be without email and blogging for TWO weeks!!! At any rate, my blogging schedule will change for a while, but I do hope to still keep up with all of you, so please be patient with me.

While I've got this computer, I'd like to tell you what I did yesterday. My mom and I attended Beth Moore's simulcast of "Get Out of That Pit". Although I couldn't see her in person, staring at a larger-than-life version of her on screen was a huge blessing! Whether in person or on a screen, she is beautiful and has an amazing ability to share her passion for Christ. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Beth Moore event, I encourage you to go running!

Her topic yesterday was centered around Psalm 18, where David cries out to God, and He delivers him. Here are some highlights of the day, which I hope will minister to someone out there:

  • God wants to rescue all of us from the pits where we reside. There are many different types of pits, but some are addiction, repetitive sin, illness, victimization, etc. No matter what your pit may be, if you feel "stuck", He wants to rescue you, because He delights in you.
  • How do we get rescued from the pit? We call to God, and He reaches his right hand for us. We, then, must respond by grasping His arm and allow Him to set us on the solid rock. Beth encouraged us to "let desperation be your gift." If you're feeling desperate, don't be silent. Call out to God with your pain, and allow Him to deliver you.
  • She also said that every day of disaster is meant to be a day of deliverance. The next time I am in the middle of a disastrous season of my life, I hope to remember this point. When I'm feeling defeated, that's when I feel most tempted to give in and be depressed. Instead, I need to seek God's deliverance at that time and allow Him to rescue me.
  • The most important lesson I learned is this: "Anyone who messes with you, messes with Christ." Let Him deal with those who have hurt you.
  • After deliverance, comes joy!

I'm no Beth Moore, so I can't express it nearly as well as she does. If you would like to see about her upcoming events, go to livingproofministries.com.

Blessings to you all! I hope to check back tomorrow evening. You might say a prayer for me, something to this effect, "Lord, have mercy on Ami and her family, while she lives without her computer." No, we'll be okay. I imagine the Lord orchestrated this to work on me some.

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