Murphy's Law

You know the phrase: whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. In my house, that is especially true when my husband travels.

He left our house at 11 this morning for a business trip. He wasn't gone one hour before Jackson had blood oozing out of his ear and Garrett had diarrhea. I kid you not! I'm also not kidding when I say that both of those boys were in the doctor's office earlier this morning for their two-year check-ups, and they were both fine at that time.

I am also not joking when I say that since that 9:00 check-up, our pediatrician has begun labor. During Jack's second appointment, the doctor and I were both laughing at how much could happen in two hour's time! We even had to stop laughing so that she could focus on breathing through a contraction! (She's full-term, so it's okay that she began labor today. And I imagine that, should the baby need to be delivered on-site, enough pediatricians and nurses could handle such an emergency.)

Jack's ear had too much blood in it for her to know if it's an infection or an injury. He has been perfectly happy through all of this, so he doesn't appear to be in pain. She prescribed some ear drops to be administered for a week, and then he'll go in for a re-check in another week.

Garrett's tummy seems to be cramping, so I fear that he's caught a stomach bug. Dear God, help us all. I do not do well with stomach bugs. I really, really don't! I have been known to run the other way, when Rick or one of the boys vomit, I kid you not. My blood pressure and heart rate sky rocket, and I lose sleep for days until I see that everyone in the house is healthy again. Truly! So, Murphy's law (or Satan) must be wreaking havoc on us right now, being that Daddy is out of town.

So, let's see what else can go wrong today?! Anyone out there have a story to top this one? If so, please post it in my comment section.


Laura said...

I cannot top that one. It sounds like a pretty bad day! Thanks for the "happy birthday" to Cara.

Rocks In My Dryer said...

Poor're right, this stuff DOES seem to happen when hubbies leave. Hang in there.