Time Flies

Well, hello there, internets. It's Thursday, and I'm just now sitting down to blog. The week just got away from me. I hate it when that happens!

I need to blog about Jack's 4th birthday, now that it's nine days after the fact. Otherwise, I might open my eyes to find he's already turned 5.

Time...you really need to get on my side.

We don't have a "friend party" but every other year. That would be because I hate planning parties. I'm just being honest.

I'm not that cool mom that comes up with great party ideas. My friend is, and she's the reason we had a firemen theme last year.

Anyway, this is not the year for "friend parties", so we just celebrated a little all day long.

The day began with donuts.
A sugar-filled breakfast might make me a cool mom.

When it came time to dress for the day, I convinced him that he would look like a four year old in this sweater. He fell for it and looked really cute.
He broke his glasses the night before, so I got to see his luscious lashes for a few hours before the eye glasses store was open.

We ran a few errands that day, which to most people sounds like a boring way to spend the day. But my boys love running errands. They enjoy getting out and about. Who wouldn't, when you get to sit back and enjoy the ride while chewing gum and listening to the Beatles?

Later in the day, Jack helped me bake his cake. He was thrilled to help me without having to share the baking duty with his brothers.
Don't turn me in for breaking child labor laws.

Both sets of grandparents came over for pizza and dinner that evening.
Daddy spent the evening quarantined to our bedroom with a stomach bug. He stuck his head out to see the festivities occasionally.
He especially couldn't miss Jack opening his gifts. Speaking of, Jack's favorite gift was this:
Man, did I score BIG with that one! He loves his guitar!

And my boys are now officially 5, 4, and 3. For two more weeks. Until Garrett turns 4. Man, time is flying!


Jess said...

What and awesome present..I better not let Abbie see this!
Happy Birthday Jack!!!

common mom said...

Happy Birthday Dude!

Sounds like a great day to me :-)