Yes, I Still Blog

I would really like to know how some of you bloggers post every single day?! It's not that I can't think of topics; I have plenty of ideas in my head.

It's the time. Where in the world do you people find the time to post daily?! Please do share.

Anyway, I have put my to-do list away tonight and am allowing myself time to blog.

What have we been up to? Well, thank you for asking!

Pretty much the usual...schooling, eating, But here are some recent photos. In case my boys ever ask why they don't have scrapbooks (yea, right!), I need to have a photo dump on here every once in a while.

Jackson has suddenly taken an interest in puzzles and was quite proud to have put this one together all by himself a few days ago.
No, the ensemble would not be complete without the hat.

Garrett has loved puzzles for quite some time. When he saw me take Jack's picture above, he hurriedly picked out a puzzle to complete for himself. He is quite proud of the fact that he is working on 60-piece puzzles these days.
I say, "Who cares about the puzzle? Look at that cute pose that I did not have to encourage!"

When the weather is nice, we head to the park to shoot off rockets.
I don't know where my brother found that rocket, but it is the best entertainment ever!

The boys even take turns without fighting. Because if they're not shooting off the rocket, then they watch how high the others' are flying.
Then, Liam does the jig.
Notice he's not wearing his glasses. That would be because all three boys have broken their glasses in the last three weeks. Good times, I tell you.

Some boys have to take timeouts at the park.
But Mommy loves to take pictures of the pouty face. It's a pitiful sight.

And some boys beg Mommy to play baseball.
I oblige most of the time, but not today, sweet boy.

When Daddy is home, we beg him to have a Beatles jam session.
Do you think the Beatles ever had a jam session around the Saturday morning breakfast table? In their pjs? With their Mac revealing their chords?

No? Bummer, because it's a rockin' good time.

Perhaps much of my blogging time is put into keeping this child clothed:
That child is sporting the fourth pair of jeans I've bought him in less than a month, because he wears the knees out in no time. I finally caved and added patches to the insides of those jeans. Maybe he'll wear those for a full month.

When we're not adhering patches to jeans, we're having Preston spend the night and trying to teach him that strawberries and other such yummy foods are our friends.
We try to be a good influence.

And we even dress up for church.
Perhaps this post was a bit random. Maybe it was really a post to appease my mother. Yes, Mom, I do still blog, and I have been taking pictures of the boys regularly.


Dearest Jessica said...

Ami...glad to see you blog. Can't say I noticed you being gone(jk)..I so get the time thing!:)

FYI...I spend 1 nap time a week,total of 2 hours blogging and I scedule them to post every other day..if I have a ton of ideas and type really fast there just may be one per day. Thats my tip...

Your boys are so cute!

Emy said...

Okay, I almost bought that rocket thing the other day for a classmate of Ben's birthday party, but passed. I'll have to remember it next time!

Also, the pants thing, it only gets worse. I had to finally give up and have him wear pants with holes in the knees. Every single pair he owns has holes, except for a couple church pants that he takes off as soon as we get home. It's a boy thing!!! :)