We actually spent Halloween night camping, and I'll post pictures from that fun time later this week. On October 29th, we attended our church's fall festival, which is called the Countryside Fair. It is the typical church festival with various games and treats.

I had my mom make last year's wise men costumes a little big in hopes that they would be able to wear them again this year. I'm glad the costumes still fit this year, because the thought of dreaming up a new idea for this year might have put me over the edge.

What do the boys want? New costumes and a mommy in the asylum, or the old costumes and a mommy to take care of them on October 30th? I asked them, and they answered correctly.

I'm totally kidding. I didn't ask them, because I'm afraid which answer they might have chosen.

And besides, my boys really don't care what they wear. They just want to play and eat candy.

Of course, I really wanted a quality photo shoot before leaving the house.
Of course, they did not.
This is as good as it got:
I wish I had let them wear shorts so their jeans weren't showing. Since summer has reared its ugly head once again, they would have been warm enough.

After the evening, I asked each boy what their favorite part of the evening was.

Garrett named the train ride, and you can see his pure excitement here:
Jack also loved the train ride. But he especially enjoyed the third train ride in which he was surrounded by passengers of the female gender.
He didn't say those exact words. Actually, what he said was, "I weawwy wiked the twain wide wif da giwls." He's such a ladies' man.

Liam's favorite part was playing with his cousins. Here are the fabulous five:
They are a hoot.
Immediately after this shot, tears commenced, as it was time to say goodbye to the fair and the cousins.

But we bribed them to the car with the promise of a piece of candy. We're great parents. We only use the tool of bribery when absolutely necessary.

After putting them to bed, Rick and I dug through the loot and chose a few of our favorite treats. I'm not sure why so little candy is left now.


Daddy said...

I need more Dots!

fivemjs said...

I'm so guilty of digging through the candy!!!! Micah probably wonders why all the chocolate was there....and then...not there.