What is summer without swim lessons? The boys have spent the last two weeks in lessons with Ms. Jody at her house. She's an amazing teacher and can take a no-I'm-not-swimming screamer to a look-at-me-I'm-swimming swimmer.

This was Liam's second year with Ms. Jody. He's never been afraid of the water. His problem is quite the opposite, as he is overly confident. He thinks he can swim the length of the pool in one breath. Jody has to stay in front of him to remind him to come up for air, but he makes it to the opposite end with a huge smile on his face. He's so proud of himself for swimming the length of the pool and for using his arms to pull himself.
While he waits his turn, this is how he can be found:
Shivering due to the lack of insulation, yet cheering on his classmates.

Jack and Garrett are in a later class. Jody swears that Jack is Liam's clone, because he also exhibits more confidence than ability. Garrett, oh Garrett. As he told Jody goodbye today, she said, "Garrett, you sure made me earn every penny, but I love you." That would be because he was the screaming, whaling child you could hear across the United States up until two days ago.

But today, look at that smile!
My "twins" practice splashing their kickers:
Here's Jack swimming independently. He, too, comes up all grins.
We heart Ms. Jody!


Emy said...

I love the Lack-of-insulation comment, ha ha ha!!!

The new short hair cuts are adorable. SUMMER... YAY!!!

common mom said...

Ya for swimming lessons! I love that my kids get to have swimming lessons at school 4 days a week all summer. They learn so much. Swimming lessons are the one thing I was positive my kids would always take . . . and take until they were almost professional swimmers :-) Growing up in MN, water safety and comfort was always a must - not so much in landlocked water-free CO ;-)

Christie@tisbutaseason said...

We heart swimming! We've spent nearly everyday at the pool (our neighborhood has a community pool). Mine took swim lessons from a lady (much like your Ms. Jody) a couple of years ago and it was such a great experience...I have 2 fish now.