Concert in the Garden

On Friday night, we took the boys to Fort Worth for Concert in the Garden's Classical Mystery Tour. Are you wondering what the heck I'm talking about? Okay, so every summer, the Fort Worth Botanic Garden hosts concerts with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. (Are you wondering how many times I can type Forth Worth?) Each night is a different theme with different musicians being accompanied by the orchestra. We chose this past Friday because they were featuring the Classical Mystery Tour, meaning the band plays The Beatles. The Beatles, people!

When Rick and I went on our first date in 1998, he mentioned that he likes The Beatles, and I knew in that instant that he was the man for me! Once we became parents, we immediately introduced each one of our boys to John, Paul, George and Ringo. Well, not in person, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, now that our boys are 5 and 3, they request The Beatles by song title every time we get in the car. Liam always wants "Hey Jude" or "Hello Goodbye". Garrett usually wants "Honey Pie" or "Hard Day's Night". Jack doesn't have a particular favorite, but he typically marches to the beat of his own drum. He can, however, sing most of the words right along with Liam and Garrett.

So, when we found out the garden concerts were featuring "our Beatles", we knew we had to take the boys. By the way, are you wondering how The Beatles and the symphony go hand in hand? Well, I checked with Paul, and he was fine with it, really. Yoko wasn't available for comment, but I think that's better for everyone involved. (If you aren't familiar with all of these names I'm throwing around, you clearly stumbled across the wrong blog. Hi, my name is Ami, and I heart the Beatles, and I'm raising my boy to carry "their Beatles" in their hearts right along with Jesus.)

We arrived about an hour early, long before the sun was ready to quit for the day. We ate a picnic dinner, and then we broke out the bubbles to entertain the boys. Liam hearts bubbles, probably as much as The Beatles, but we'll keep working on him.

The instant the music started, Garrett, our musician at heart, had his eyes glued to the stage. He didn't want us singing along with the band, nor did he want me taking his picture.
Now, Jack on the other hand... I must tell you what he did. Shortly after the music began, he was sitting in a lawn chair. Perhaps I've never mentioned this, but Jack is a klutz. There's no better way to explain it. If there's something to trip over, Jack will do the honors. If there isn't anything to trip over, there is always his own foot. Anyway, Jack's in a chair, and I warned him that he needed to sit still. Yea, right. Twenty seconds later, I hear a bunch of commotion next to me. When I glanced to my left, Jack's chair was turned on its back, and Jack was on his back laughing hysterically. Thankfully, he has a great sense of humor and loved the attention of all the people gasping and then laughing right along with him. I fought the urge to grab my camera, but it was certainly a Kodak moment. I was just afraid what CPS might think when one of the audience members reported me for neglect in the name of bloggable photography.

Anyway, he had to sit in my lap from thence forward.
After intermission, we took the boys to a more open area so that could get down, I mean dance.

Jack and his windmills. Actually, I think he was playing drums with his glow sticks.
Garrett stepping in tune:
Liam is truly blessed with those black dance genes. I'm glad somebody is.
While the boys were dancing, I had shed a tear or two. That's how deeply I feel about those Beatles. Actually, I did shed a tear or two, but it's because of this.... Eight years ago, Rick and I went to hear 1964 The Tribute, a phenomenal Beatles band that you must go see if ever they come to your town. As we were watching this band perform in 2000, I saw a daddy and his little girl dancing to "Yellow Submarine". I remember this moment very clearly. He held her on his shoulders, and they both grooved and sang every word. And I remember thinking, "Ahh, I really want kids! And I really want to teach them good music!" Rick and I were in the thick of our infertility, so my heart ached at that moment. Fast forward to 2008, there I was with my husband and three boys, and we were all singing and dancing to The Beatles. I am blessed indeed!

The concert ended with fireworks and "Hey Jude". The crowd sang "Na na na nanana, nanana, hey Jude". My heart swelled!

The next morning, the boys got up talking about the concert. They talked excitedly about their favorite parts. Liam loved "Hey Jude". Garrett loved "Hard Day's Night" but was disappointed that "Honey Pie" was not played. When I asked Jack what he enjoyed, he said, "No not the music. The fireworks!" Yes, those fireworks were pretty cool.

The symphony, fireworks, and The Beatles...I think John, Paul, George and Ringo would be pleased.

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Emy said...

I LOVED reading about this!! We are going to the Pops Orchestra concert on Saturday because they are doing music from Star Wars, can't wait.

The pictures were great! So fun!