A Photo Shoot

Well, hello there! Did you miss me as much I missed you? It's been a busier-than-usual week with swim lessons, which has eaten into my blogging time. As I was reading over my to-do list a few moments ago, I saw the most important item, which simply said, "BLOG!" Since I wrote it in all caps, it must be of utmost importance to BLOG today.

One morning last week, the boys and I were bored. The 2 million toys were no longer appealing to them, and I was tired of playing every game that we own. Turning on the tv was certainly tempting, but then we might have gotten stuck in a time warp and forgotten all necessities in life, such as picking up my mom from the airport. I don't think she would have appreciated being forgotten too much. Picky, that woman.

Instead, I pulled out the camera and told the boys that we were going to have a photo shoot. And all three of them looked at me with blank stares. "Okay, so you strike a pose, and I take pictures." More blank stares. I'm certain that if they were all girls, they would have immediately struck a sassy pose, but not my boys. Males...they need step-by-step instructions.

"Okay, do this." And I struck a pose and waited for them to follow suit.

This is Jack's interpretation of my first pose:
Work it, baby. Can I see some of your face?
Yep, that's a cute chin. Thanks.

How 'bout you, Liam?
Okay, sportin' a 'tude. Can you stand up and make a move?
Groovy. (He and Garrett have been quite inseparable lately.) G, show me what else you got.
Yea, baby.

Okay, can all three of you get together?
The back of your heads are cute, too.

(Don't let that arms wrapped around each other fool you, readers. They fight ALL THE TIME.)

Boys, why don't you strike a pose on the floor for me?
I really like the smashed face, Jack.

So, there you have it. Our first photo shoot. We'll practice some more, so they can be on the cover of the next GQ.


Kimberly said...

Those are cute pictures, especially the next to the last one. LOVE THAT ONE.

Brandi said...

So cute!!! I love this idea b/c not only does it entertain, but you get great pictures of the kids too! Bonus for both of you!


Emy said...

I love the last one with Jack's thrilled look. HA!! We took a few shots in his baseball uniform this morning. I think I was on #6 and he was already over it! BOYS!