Mother's Day

I have been instructed to not touch until Sunday.
I will obey.

Garrett (6) came home from school with that beautiful gift yesterday. I can't wait to see what is inside!

His teacher also assigned this journal entry earlier this week: Write a sentence about why your mother is so special.

Garrett's response: My mom is speshel because my mom tegis (teaches) me the wrd (word) uv God.

At least I am trying to do so. But when he tackles me and brings me to my knees in a fit of giggles, I believe I might be failing in the "Honor your Mother" department.

Happy Mother's Day!


Didi said...

so what was in these sweet bags?

Bee Jay said...

Precious memories Ami!

Carly A. K. said...

I second Didi. What was in the bag??