Life is Good

"Life is good when you have another baseball game," is what I read in Liam's journal the other day.

He'll be disappointed to know tonight's game is canceled due to rain. But he'll be happy when he realizes he has a tournament of 3-4 games next week.

Yes, I read his journal. I'm nosey that way.

And I just love that my boy's journal is full of nothing but baseball talk. Pure, innocent fun.


Daddy said...

He loves the game!

Such a sweet boy, too.

Katy {and Kahler} said...

so precious. i'm watching the rangers play now. :) actually, i'm watching the rangers play pretty well right now. i'm sure liam is a happy boy.

i just told my mom and dad, "hey, did yall see on the news last fall there was a boy who dressed up like ron washington?" my dad replied, "yeah, did that make it to you all the way in africa?" to which i said, "kind of. i know his mom. well, she follows my blog." they didn't believe me at first. you're kind of famous. hehe. :)