Turning Eight

8 years ago today, we received the phone call announcing that a peanut had been born for us. Even though we couldn't see him for five days, we were in love and beyond excited.

Now, I can hardly remember what life was like without my Liam.
We began celebrating yesterday, and it was his turn to be beyond excited. He could hardly hold himself together in church. All he could think about was the cake, the CAKE.
And the CAKE did not disappoint.

This little character...
where did we get him?

And this one...
don't let either one of them fool you into believing they're all that. Cuz they'll tell you they're all that and MORE.

As part of his birthday/Easter celebration, Liam asked for an Easter egg hunt. I was surprised he didn't think he was too old for that.
More sugar. Oh yea.

This morning, he asked for his usual breakfast of warm granola and chocolate milk. He's so easy to please.
Chocolate cupcakes for his classmates...
and playing his own baseball game tonight will top off the day.

Liam, I am so proud to be called your mom. You are kind and compassionate and growing up to be such a fun young man. I love you, Peanut.

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