Making a Case for the Abandoned Blog

I've had a few friends ask if I'm okay, since the blog has been abandoned. I'm fine, thanks for asking. I'm just a baseball mom, and that's the way baseball go.

Garrett is playing for the Angels this year.
He is an angel in real life most of the time. Ahem.

He's loving the sport even more this year, and I think he has big aspirations for MLB someday. The MLB may want to remember him. My only request, MLB, is that you allow him to live with his mommy forever, because I'm not sure he and I will be able to part EVER. Furthermore, MLB, he's quite the leftie and making many plays this year. His favorite positions are pitcher, catcher, and 1st base. I may be biased as his mommy, but he's the best little Angel out there.

Liam is a Dirtbag again this year. Of course, he's still loving the sport. He's enjoying 1st, 2nd, and left field this year. His hitting is improving by the day, and we're anxiously awaiting his first official homerun.
It might appear that he is crying in the above photo, but rest assured that we have taught him there are no tears in baseball. Instead, he decided to use eye black to paint his number (14) on his cheeks for the first game.

Jackson, if you'll remember, chose Jiu Jitsu over baseball this year.
However, two weeks into baseball season, he was regretting his decision. Raise your hand if you could see that coming.

Yea, I know. I saw it, too, but we needed to let him try something new. But just last week, he told me that he didn't really think he would miss Jiu Jitsu, so I pulled him out immediately. Why waste the time and money? Guess who will be playing fall baseball?

Baseball is not the only culprit for the chaos in our home. About 3 weeks ago, this photo jumped onto my cell phone, and I have no idea how this happened, but we have a new puppy.
If I blink away the fog in my mind, I seem to remember a conversation between Rick, Liam and myself. It went something like this:
Liam: Mommy, I love dogs. Can I have a chocolate lab?
Me: WHAT?!?! NO!
Rick: Mommy, hear him out.
Liam: Mommy, Winston loves you and follows you around. I want a dog that loves me and follows me and sleeps with me.
Me: Liam, we have a dog. Yes, Winston prefers me, but we don't need another dog. We are too busy with baseball and school, and two dogs are hard to travel with. Winston is the perfect dog...small, playful, loving.
Rick: Mommy, he's an animal lover just like you. How can you deny him? This would be a great way for him to learn some new responsibilities.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

I kept saying no, but we somehow wound up with a chocolate lab that Jackson named "Marshall".

Yes, he's cute and all that. And the boys, especially Liam and Garrett, love him.
No, he doesn't sleep with Liam, because he's still waking SOMEONE up at 2am for a potty break. That someone would not be the two males that begged for him. (Now, Rick will pipe in here to say that he helps sometimes, but you and I know that I'm the one getting up MOST nights with the little darling.)

Yes, cute.

Is he loved? Yes. Is he a lot of work? YES. Is anyone regretting this decision? Yes, but they will remain nameless and work with him to make him a well-behaved member of the family.

So now, this busy family takes a puppy and his bag of chew toys to every game.

I must run and take my new sidekick on a potty run. I'll be back with a Lil Ron update.

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