The Fakers

What do you think? Are they good fakers?

Trust me when I tell you they were far from sleeping!

I was on a vacuuming tear one day last week when I asked Jack and Garrett to pull the couch cushions to the floor.

Let's just pretend that I vacuum my couches every week. I'm a good faker, too.

Anyway, I vacuumed the couches and then moved on to another room while J&G played with the cushions. Before I knew it, they had built a tower of cushions on top of the couch and Garrett was teetering on the very top, contemplating a jump that would have landed him on top of the coffee table. I quickly intervened and prevented a run to the ER.

Then, I said, "You can either put the cushions back into their correct spots, or you can rest on them while they are FLAT ON THE FLOOR."

They chose the latter. They certainly didn't sleep, but I did find that "resting" on the cushions gave me some free time to finish cleaning. I need to try that tactic again, so maybe I will vacuum my couches every week after all.

1 comment:

Amy Dawn said...

looking at this picture made me have a sudden flashback to slumber parties at your house when I was little. I liked sleeping on your floor!