Baseball Boys

While I was grabbing their baseball gear from the trunk, I told Jack and Garrett to wait for me on the grass. I also managed to grab the camera for this cute shot.
Field 8 is where all of their games take place.

Yes, Garrett is that much taller than Jack these days. GB is growing like a weed...tall and skinny. J is quickly falling behind the height of his "little" brother and peers, but he makes up for it in eyelashes.

My little men...
They are so darn cute, if I do say so myself.

They're having a great season. Garrett got 3 outs in one inning last week, and Jack also got an out in the same game. They are both learning more about the game they love.

And their big brother is looking so grown up these days.
What happened to my little Peanut?!

His team was 3-0 and leading the league in hits until last week, where they lost 20-6. Ouch! It was a humbling loss, and we're hoping it was a learning experience for the team.

But it's character that we're also building. Learning how to be good sports in spite of the score is huge to me. We can't win them all, so we must learn to lose with grace.

Although it is absolutely crazy getting our boys to every practice and game, I'm lovin' this crazy life.

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