Need A Sitter? I'm Your Woman!

We've been a little busy around here this week with extra chilluns.

And when I say 'we've been busy', I do mean we.
All 4 of my men are baby lovers, too.

Miss Clara and her big bow came to stay with us all day and part of the evening on Tuesday.
Beautiful Clara is the daughter of my best friend, who only lives a mile away, so we plan to spoil her quite often.

And today, another good friend dropped her two young'uns by for a little while.

If I had a daughter, I would want her betrothed or promised or whatever it is that would guarantee this little man would enter my family.
Baby Bryan's big sister, Reagan, is full of silliness and loves to hang out on my stairs. She fits right in around here.
We've had a good time with our little friends this week. Jack and Garrett love the extra companionship and activity. And I love being in a time of my life where I can help my friends. Four and five years ago, I was far from capable of handling extra kids. But today...come one, come all!


Jen Mall said...

We're on our way! Only I want to stay and I'll let you babysit another day!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for watching my kids...AGAIN! Reagan LOVES to come to your house and often asks to go see, whatever goes on over there she LOVES it!!!!

With Pure Joy said...

She does love her Aunt Ami and Uncle Rick and her 3 "protector brothers" Love you so much, what would I do without you!