A Beautiful Day

Today is a day I want to remember. Actually, not the whole day. I don't want to remember that or that.

But I want to remember this.

The little boys and I were running errands, which isn't always the most exciting way to spend our day. But all three of us were in great spirits due to the perfect weather. Bright sunshine, no wind, temp in the 50s.

Our last errand was to get my car washed. I chose a new car wash, where there are lots of bells and whistles as your car gets pushed along for its bath. In the backseat, Jack and Garrett hooped and hollered, loving every minute of it. "What's that?" "That's cool!" "This is fun!" "Let's do this again tomorrow!"

After the wash, I rolled down our windows and turned up the Beach Boys CD for our ride home. Again, more hooping and hollering from the backseat. "Weeee!" "Come on a safari with me!"

At the red light, I turned around to laugh at my boys. I said, "You guys crack me up! What's so great about this day?" They answered with more laughter.

Yes, let's do this again tomorrow. Come on a safari with me, boys. Love, Mommy.

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