Look Out World, Jack is FIVE!

Yesterday was Jack's 5th birthday! I am having a HARD time believing it. Time flies for me, but the big day couldn't get here fast enough for him.

I guess waiting for his birthday is a lot like waiting for his cupcakes to bake the night before. (Tick, tock, tick , tock....)
And, of course, Garrett was right there with him. He has a hard time allowing Jack to have a birthday first. He has to wait a mere 26 days for his 5th birthday, which is an eternity in his mind.
Those two are quite the characters lately.

On Jack's actual birthday, Daddy snuck (Or is it sneaked?) out of the house early that morning to bring home donuts for breakfast.
Gee thanks, Daddy! Bring home the sugar and leave me here to defend myself.

After taking Liam to school, the littles and I headed to a fun bouncehouse to burn off some serious sugar highs.
Our little friend, Reagan, met us there.
Finally, we ended the day with dinner and cupcakes with the grandparents and two cousins.

And Jack scored some loot.
Naturally, his brothers were right there to assist him with his gifts.
He took care of his own candle though.
Currently, I have a 6 year old, 5 year old, and 4 year old. And that's a wrap.

(For my newer readers, Jack's adoption story is an amazing testimony of God's work. Please see my sidebar for links to his story.)

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