A True Aggie

Saturday was the biggest day of Garrett's life. He has anxiously awaited this day for three whole months. A lifetime in the mind of a three year old.

When Rick went to get him up for the day, Garrett jumped out of bed and said, "TODAY IS THE AGGIE GAME!" He was just a little bit excited about his first Aggie football game. Rick has compared this pure excitement with that of Christmas morning. It was no ordinary day.

No game day is complete without the entire family donning our colors.
(And this photo shows how badly I need a haircut. Tonight is the night. I'll try to contain myself and not go terribly drastic, but when I see this photo, all I can think is "bleck"! I also wonder why the boys aren't showing the excitement we had experienced all morning? And then I wonder why my dog turned his back to the camera? The perfect family photo eludes us.)

We sent Liam and Jack with my parents for the day. We only have three season tickets, and we figured the fans around us would appreciate us not sending all three boys without adult supervision. Anyway, Garrett is the only child that shows true interest in football.

Before every home game, there is March In, where the band and Corps march in. I bet you could have figured that out. Anyway, we made sure that we arrived in College Station in time for G to experience this.

I couldn't convince him to stand or sit beside me, but he did lean over my back to get a better glimpse.
I love this photo, too. While the Corps marched by us, he waved at some of them. So sweet. So innocent. My little big boy.
Then, it was game time! And we were right when we decided to take Garrett. He watched the entire game. His only complaint was that he couldn't see over everyone's heads. I know the feeling. We vertically challenged people rely on the jumbo screen.

Here he is in Daddy's arms awaiting the band at halftime. In addition to sports, he loves music. He was enthralled with the music and the marching.
After the game, we were able to take our boy to play a little ball on the field.
And we found a couple to take our picture in front of that ugly scoreboard.
The after-game interview was broad casted across that same screen. We lost 18 to 14 to Arkansas State. Yes, we are embarrassed of ourselves. We have now lost all hope for this season.

But we teach our boys that life is not only about winning. So we cling to each other and carry on.
Because you never know what is right around the corner.

Like Yell Leaders. Or Yellow Leaders, according to my boy.
And they might play catch with you. (Just after this shot, the middle guy fell over as if Garrett threw him to the ground with his throw. Naturally, my camera wouldn't click fast enough.)

Gig 'em, Garrett!
As if that wasn't enough to hang his moon, we ran into a trumpet player who was willing to let Garrett hold his instrument. Look at his face!
Cloud 9
Garrett can't decide if he wants to play baseball, football, the trumpet, or be a Yell Leader. But there's no doubt this boy wants to go to Aggieland. Although he was born in Sooner country, we got him outta there as quickly as the adoption laws would allow. After all, he bleeds maroon!


Daddy said...

I love my little Ag!!

common mom said...

What a WONDERFUL experience!!! He'll remember it forever.