"Are They Triplets?" Part III

(You can find Part I and Part II here.)

When I tell people that my boys are not triplets, the next question is...

"Well, are they twins," pointing to Jack and Garrett. I explain that Jack is 26 days older. I have also been asked, "How did that happen?!" I had to bite my tongue before answering without too much sarcasm.

Some other commonly asked questions are:

  1. Are they yours? (Um, no, I picked them up off the street corner this morning, yet they call me Mommy.)
  2. Where are they from? (As if they must come from Africa, since they are black.)
  3. Are they brothers? (If I am the mommy to all three, then that makes them brothers.)
  4. whispering Are they adopted? (YES! And there's no need to whisper!)
  5. Do you want any more children? (I may be crazy, but I think I do.)
I cannot leave my neighborhood without being asked at least two of these questions. Most of these questions come about because people are not accustomed to seeing trans-racial adoptive families like us. They're forced to come up with questions on the fly. We try to laugh it off, and most days we're pretty good at it.

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Pam said...

Glad you found my blog! glad I found yours. My best friend just moved to DFW area! That is interesting!! I just had lunch with my three youngest children and the oldest of those three's class. The little girl who sat across from me in the lunch room said to me... "are those your kids?" Sigh... I hate (FOR THEM) that it is always an issue. I also hate the "are they brother and sister" question. YES! They have the same parents on their birth certificate that my oldest 4 have!! GRR!! We get the twins one too. That one doesn't bother me as much. For the month of September they are the same age! Both 4 right now!

So nice to have "met" you!