This Family Needs Our Prayers *UPDATED*

Steven Curtis Chapman and his family need us to cover them in prayer. His youngest child Maria (5) was run over and killed yesterday by an older sibling in their own driveway. I can only imagine the magnitude of pain and sorrow they are facing. To see more details on this story, please go here.

*UPDATED* There is a new blog in memory of Maria, where you can see a video clip of her with Steven. There were over 6500 comments when I checked it. You might want to stop by and leave a prayerful comment.


common mom said...

I cannot imagine. No parent should ever have to bury a child.

Prayers for this family and especially the teenage brother. That poor boy is going to need all the prayers, love, and support out there.

Christie@tisbutaseason said...

God has really been speaking to me through Romans 15:13 lately and I think it would even work for the Chapman family during a time like this.

I pray immeasurable peace for them.