Pine Cove

As a mom of all boys, I often feel left out of their world. Their baseball skills have surpassed my ability to play catch in the backyard. Their imaginary play doesn't often welcome a girl. And I don't really see the point in laughing at bodily functions. When I found out about mother/son conference at Pine Cove, I jumped on the idea. Nowhere else have I seen the opportunity to spend meaningful one-on-one time with one of my boys.

Liam and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at Pine Cove a couple of weeks ago. He's my easy-going, life-is-fun, let's-try-everything-at-least-once boy. So he was the perfect child to take for our first attempt at mother/son camp.

Pine Cove keeps you busy from the moment you arrive. If we weren't eating a yummy meal, we were in a Bible lesson or playing some crazy game. And if we weren't involved in any of those activities, we were trying to catch a few hours of sleep.

We were so busy that I didn't remember to carry my camera half the time, but I did remember it for some of Saturday afternoon's free time. For about 5 hours, we could choose from archery,
BB guns,
swimming, horseback riding, wall climbing, go go ball, basketball, zip line, etc.

We went with our good friends, the Martins. Liam and Cab have been friends since they were three.When I asked Liam what his favorite activity was, he named Pitch Black Attack, which was a scavenger hunt at dark thirty. It was crazy but fun.

But what I really enjoyed was time focusing on one boy. There were many hours spent with the whole group of campers, but the schedule also gave us meaningful one-on-one time to chat and sit face to face.

I love that kid!
At the end of the weekend, Liam and Cab gave Pine Cove two thumbs up.
And neither one of them want to stay home when the moms take younger brothers in March. But every boy needs to get away with his mom for some individual attention.


Bee Jay said...

What a fabulous time you both (all) had! And what a marvellous idea! Blessings!

Rick said...

Great times!! Love it.

Didi said...

I think they need a granny/grandson camp!