He Doesn't Listen

Liam has not been listening to me.

I keep telling him to stop growing up.

He laughs and does it anyway.

For instance, just last week, he moved from glasses to contacts.
And he immediately looked two years older.

At 7 1/2, he's quite young to be in contacts, but his vision has come a loooong way in 3 1/2 years. At the age of 4, we discovered that he was legally blind in his left eye due to amblyopia. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to get his eyes to work as a team. He's now seeing 20/25 with correction, which is almost unheard of for the severity of his condition. As a result of such a huge success, our doctor believes that a contact on his left eye is the best way to hold his vision at such a healthy stage.

The downside...he looks almost ten. The upside...I get to see his good-lookin' eyes.

Liam, are you listening to me? Stop that growing up, young man! Just stop it now!


garylhogan said...

Love the blog! Love them all!

garylhogan said...

Love the blog! Love them all!

Bee Jay said...

Good for you Liam - keep up that great eye work! Blessings!

Amy Dawn said...

love those long lashes! So glad his eyesight has made such strong progess! That is awesome :)

With Pure Joy said...


All caught up on reading your blogs no matter how cute, funny, etc. They always seem to make me cry, It's because each picture they look a little older, but then I smile at the future to think what God has in store for you and your "guys."

Love you,