Field Day

Liam had field day last Friday, so the little boys and I went to tag along.
He was thrilled to have us. Gosh, I love that boy! He is just so darn happy all the time.

All of his classmates had a yellow tie-dyed shirt in order to help corral the busy first graders.

Field day was always my favorite day of the year in elementary school. But the games have certainly changed since my school days. Gone are the days of three-legged relay, potato sack race, and egg-on-the-spoon race.

What do they do now? They have the flying chicken, to name one.
The kids were in groups of 3. Two kids throw a rubber chicken, and the third child runs around trying to get the chicken fall through a hula hoop.


There were some 20 games, but Liam's favorite was the water passing game.
That grin is saying, "Should I throw this bucket of water in my friend's face?"

He chose to play the game correctly.

Liam would definitely agree with my love of field day, as he later told me, "Field day was the best day of first grade ever!"

I followed that statement with, "Have you ever had a bad day of school?"


I'm so grateful that he loves school!

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Bee Jay said...

I pray for you that he will always remain this sweet! What a joy to have around is this boy of yours!